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My Story

I’ve experienced a few life changing events over the years and no doubt, you have too. Instead of dealing with the associated thoughts and emotions when they came up in those testing times, I suppressed them. I was afraid of confrontation too and that didn’t help matters. By November 2019, a combination of ignorance, arrogance, shame and guilt led me to what felt like a deep, dark hole. It was horrible! I felt tired, worn out, ashamed, guilty, emotionally numb, I had no motivation…I even considered suicide. That ‘place’ is called Major Depression.

Through therapy, I learned about what contributed to my condition and began to work towards my recovery. I also learned that, even though I felt alone, I wasn’t. As I began to learn more about depression, what it is and how it affects people, I learned that mental illness is an area of growing concern and has been for decades. As therapy progressed, I felt the need for more structure and traction so I engaged a life coach to assist my journey towards recovery. I found that it helped me so much it inspired me to become a coach myself. Experiencing the emotional turmoil of depression and recovering left me with a strength and confidence to be able to talk about it, to share it with people so that it would encourage people to get support. Since my recovery and becoming a professional coach, I am driven to work with you to help you moderate stress and overwhelm in the first place by helping you understand and apply the practical aspects of mental wellbeing. That’s why I became a coach and founded Revolutionise because I want you to enjoy your life more.

I believe being someone’s coach is a privilege and a responsibility which I don’t take lightly. It’s my passion and strength to develop others, my calling to help you gain control and keep it.

I look forward to supporting you on the next step of your journey.

Stay Well, Stay Mindful.



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What I offer

Stress Awareness Moderation

Stress Awareness & Moderation

Awareness is key if you’re to manage and moderate stress effectively. What’s your default when it comes to stress? For how long do you stay stressed? What’s the effect of your stress reaction?



How’s your ability to focus at the moment? Studying, working, home life, being with friends. This is all about presence without distraction so that you can do your thing well.


Performance Development

What would you like to improve and why? There’s good news: It doesn’t have to come at the expense of your mental wellbeing because you don’t have to burn out in the process.

Rest Recovery

Rest & Recovery

Without effective rest & recovery, it won’t be long before you experience the effects of burnout. Spoiler alert! It’s NOT all about sleep.

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