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Why coaching?

Coaching is a solution oriented approach to help guide people to clarity, take appropriate and effective forward action and reach a goal.

Career change; marriage, divorce, parenthood, bereavement, unhappiness/lack of enjoyment at work, or even personal & professional relationship problems.  So many things can cause stress, overwhelm and uncertainty.  The cause of the stress, overwhelm and uncertainty, is a ‘skills gap’ between where you are and where you need to be to overcome your challenge.  If the skills gap remains, discomfort will continue to grow, and eventually mental wellbeing will suffer.

I’m a mental wellbeing coach and I help people bridge their skills gap and champion their mental wellbeing using practical and effective techniques.

Is it time to ‘Revolutionise’ your approach?


How to start your journey

Coaching is a close partnership with someone who champions and challenges you to see and achieve what’s possible. Unless there’s trust in the partnership, it won’t work.

Schedule your ‘Curiosity Call’ with me at a time which suits you best so that I can understand what your challenge is and how it’s affecting you.

If I feel I can support you, we’ll have a powerful and complimentary coaching conversation to see if we’re a match.

Only when we’re both sure that a coaching partnership is right for you, do we arrange a coaching agreement.


We partner up and work towards revolutionising you.

How may I serve you?

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Schedule a Meeting